Here are some quick hacks to help avoid a head full of static hair this winter.

Now that the temperature has dropped outside the heater goes up and the wool coats, jackets, and scarves get piled on setting off a vicious cycle of static electricity. With all the holiday parties and picture-perfect moments tame your tresses with these easy hair hacks.

Avoid Plastic Combs

Avoid using a plastic comb because plastic will only create more static, instead opt for a metal comb.

Dryer Sheets

I carry a box of dryer sheets in my car. These are my go-to static rubouts because they really work. Just grab a sheet and run through your hair and brush through if need be. I also rub the sheets on the collar of my jackets and coats to avoid any new static from forming.


You can also carry a tube of hair serum or Argan oil and run through your hair especially the ends to help tame hair.

Ionic Blow Dryer

Avoid static electricity altogether by using an Ionic Hair Dryer, they emit negatively-charged ions that attach themselves to the positively-charged hair for a neutralizing effect which won’t strip your hair of its moisture.

Hair Spray

Spray your brush with hairspray and then run it through your hair to sleek it down.


Simple water will work but it won’t last all night – but it will settle your hair down enough to at least take a decent picture at the party.


I also carry a small spritz bottle with a mixture of my favorite hair conditioner and water and use it to spray onto my hair.

If all else fails you can always pin down your hair or opt for a ponytail or a fun messy bun. Whatever you end up doing remember you already look fabulous!

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