Early voting in Texas ends November 2, but there are beginning to be reports of problems with straight-ticket voting. Some people are reporting that their votes are being changed when they cast their ballot.

The Texas Secretary of State's office says there are no reports of malfunctioning machines, but there might be a lag time when you hit buttons and then cast your ballot. They say when you go to vote, whether it's early voting or voting on Election Day, November 6:

1. Make sure you take your time - There is no time limit for voting. Take your time and read everything before you choose each item.
2. If you need help, ask for it - If you have a question about a ballot item or how the machine is logging in your vote, ask a poll worker for their help.
3. Read your ballot summary page carefully - Before you actually cast your vote on individual items, a ballot summary page will show all of your selections. Read it carefully before you hit the submit button. If you see an error, you can change it. If the machine does not let you change it, notify a poll worker, but don't cast your vote until your ballot summary page shows all your correct choices.

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