We're not entirely sure when Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong's porn stars turned TV saleswomen become two of our favorite recurring 'SNL' characters, but bless 'em: we're so glad that these bizarre people get to grace our television a couple times a year. Of course, the only way to possibly make it better is to add Tina Fey, and wouldn't you know it, the legendary 'SNL' alum stepped in quite gamely in the 39th season premiere!

The set-up is the same as always: Bayer and Strong stand awkwardly in front of the camera, seemingly unable to smile or gesture like a well-adjusted human being and try to make their own commercial for Manolo Blahnik shoes in the desperate hope that they'll be sent some for free. Along the way, they hilariously mispronounce every word that's even remotely complicated and share a handful of disturbing stories from their, uh, troubled past. After a few botched entrances, Fey herself takes center stage and brings it all home.

Nestled in the very last slot of the episode, the sketch feels like it was written to amuse the performers and the writers before anyone else. The result is one of those scenes where the performers can barely keep it together, unable to contain their giggles at some of the truly bizarre things they have to say ("It will make you feel like it's your first Amber Alert"). The last sketch of an 'SNL' episode is where they generally break out the truly crazy stuff and this may be one of the funniest final sketches they've had in quite some time. Welcome back, 'SNL.'