I wrote a blog yesterday about why I chose to downplay my coverage of the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in my newscasts.  Today, all the talk is about how NBC didn't cover the moment of silence held at the White House and in New York, but instead chose to concentrate on Kris Jenner's breasts.

You can check out a video split screen on the Hollywood Dirt blog that some website put together of what CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX were showing at 8:48 am Eastern Time, the moment the first plane hit the first tower.  You'll notice that CBS, ABC, and FOX were showing the moment of silence, but on NBC, Kim Kardashian's mother was talking boobies.  The network says they chose the chesticles segment because they had already done some 9/11 stuff and they were going to do some other 9/11 stuff later in the morning.

So classy, NBC.

This morning we were wondering if anyone was okay with NBC's decision to go with the Kris Jenner interview instead of the moment of silence.  Mike was wondering if there maybe some viewers who appreciated the chance to make a choice.  What do you think?

After we asked that question, I got a call from one of the soldier's stationed at Fort Bliss who said maybe we could avoid situations like the NBC screwup by declaring 9/11 a national day of rememberance.  What do you think?

Feel free to comment below to explain your vote.....