Mother's Day is a special day for loved ones to thank their mom for everything she does but do pet moms count?

As I wandered a store to pick out the perfect Mother's Day card, I saw a unique section of cards labeled "From the Dog" and "From the Cat."

Emily Slape
Emily Slape

If you think about it, most people consider pets to be a big part of the family and even consider their four legged friends as kids. I am guilty of calling my cats my babies and I will probably end up with cats as the only babies I will ever have.

I know I am not alone as a 'pet parent' because many of my friends are proud dog moms. A pet parent survey by Milo's Kitchen found that 10% of owners actually celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day with their dogs. Are you part of the percent?

I would love to celebrate with my animals but I am afraid of what gifts they might bring me. For my fellow pet parents, celebrate this Mother's Day with a cute song from some adorable puppies!

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