You collected all the gift cards and rounded up cash Grandma sent in the holiday Christmas card, but now where to spend it? What to exchange? And where to get your best deal? Some stores have some deals better than black Friday! Here are some places to check out!

Some stores offer insane deals in order to clear merchandise and make way for new inventory for the new year. Major retailers including Macy's, Target, Best Buy and Walmart are offering discounts up to 70% off select merchandise to entice us today. Target is even putting that on top of the 10% they were offering for the huge security breach scare with their customers credit cards.

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If you're an online kinda shopper, Amazon, Target, Kohl's and Old Navy have some insane deals on all kinds of purchases and most with FREE shipping! Now if you got some gift cards to spend, a tip of advice, use them right away on these sales OR wait about a month when more sales will ensue like the Victoria's Secret sales, they are just around the corner! Happy day after shopping and buy me something good!

Were you one of the victims of the Target security breach? Check out the full story to see if your credit card was compromised.

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