Are you planning on doing some shopping next month? There are a some things that you can buy during the month of February that will save you some money so you can go spend more money on even more stuff:

1. Mattresses - You know all those President's Day mattress sales commercials you see during February? Retail experts say it really is one of the best months to buy a mattress. You could get mattress deals that range from 20% - 40% off. Another way to get even better savings is to ask if floor models are on sale.

2. Coats - Directly after Christmas is usually when all the spring and summer clothes start coming out and that means stores need to get rid of outwear. February is a great time to stock up on coats for the whole family.

3. Chocolate - The days after Valentine's Day are a great time to get tons of chocolate on sale. Sure, it might mean that you didn't get any from your Valentine, but who cares? Whether you buy it or someone else buys it for you, you can never go wrong with chocolate.

4. Fragrances - Valentine's Day is a great time to buy fragrances for both men and women because even though perfumes rarely go on sale, perfume companies often offer gift with purchase goodies. You don't have to have a sweetie in order to take advantage of the great deals.

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