One Texas father got down to his underwear during a school board meeting to prove a point about wearing masks in school.

There have been plenty of arguments and anger at school board meetings around the country over potential mask mandates in schools, with many of them recorded and uploaded online. While they all have plenty of screaming, arguing, name-calling, and fingerpointing, we haven't seen any videos where a person strips- until now.

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On Monday, the Dripping Springs Independent School District held a meeting to discuss various topics including the district's mask-optional protocol for students and staff. Parents both for and against the mask policy spoke out, voicing their opinions but no one grabbed attention as well as dad James Akers. Akers has a child that attends one of the local high schools and made jaws drop as he took full advantage of his opportunity at the microphone.

In the video obtained by KXAN, Akers is seen speaking as he begins undressing. Security guards are also seen moving closer towards him, afraid of how undressed the man is going to get. Some parents in attendance cheered for the dad as he made his point.

After Akers made his point, the school board's president asked him "I believe you're a swimmer, but if you wouldn't mind putting your pants back on for a comment, that would be greatly appreciated." Askers then got dressed and sat down, but not before he got a fist bump from a security guard in the audience.

KXAN caught up with the father after the school board meeting to talk about his naked protest. You can read more about their interview with Akers at the KXAN website.

Youtube User KXAN
Youtube User KXAN


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