Shai LaBeouf is back with another one of his experimental art project’s that is aimed at President Donald Trump while he is in office.

LaBeouf publicized his latest art project He Will Not Divide Us on the day that Trump was sworn into office. The art collaboration with two other artists in New York City consists of a camera being placed outside of the Museum of the Moving Image where it will live stream the public who are encouraged to walk up to the camera and chant, sing, or even dance to the words, He Will Not Divide Us. This new project is a way to show solidarity as whole and for the community to express their voice.

The first person that got to stand, stare and speak the words, He Will Not Divide Us was none other than Jaden Smith. The live stream will be available everyday for the next 4 years while Trump is in office. So if you find yourself in New York City you may want to go check it out and if not, you can just be a voyeur and watch it live for the next four years from your phone or computer. Watch the live stream HERE.

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