El Paso's own Khalid is performing tonight at Coachella. If you are like me, you have been stalking social media for all things Coachella because you couldn't afford tickets. Luckily, Coachella feels for us losers who must watch from our coach and has been live streaming the festival from three different channels on YouTube.

Khalid is scheduled to go on at 9:35 p.m. on channel one, which I have linked here. Don't be bummed about not being in the crowd as Khalid dominates the stage, you can now have the freedom to dance in your underwear without the worry of judgement and body glitter.

Khalid continues to make his fans incredibly happy with all this appearances at festivals, television shows and even John Mayer's Instagram show. Tonight, I can't wait to see what magical spell Khalid will place on the Coachella crowd but I know nothing gets better than that!

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