We finally have your meet and greet photos with Shawn Mendes and his El Paso fans.

This past Saturday, October 13th Shawn Mendes performed at the Don Haskins Center to a slew of adoring fans. Among the crowd were a few lucky fans who got a chance to meet and greet and take a photo with the Lost In Japan singer. The highlight of the meet and greet had to be when a mom who did not tell her daughter why they were there, ended up surprising her when she stepped through the door and discovered Shawn Mendes was in fact waiting for her to take a picture. It was definitely a sweet bonding and exciting moment for both mom and daughter. Unfortunately we were asked to put our phones away and was not able to capture the adorable moment but trust me when I tell you that little girl will never forget the day she met a huge pop star. And by the way if you were wondering if Shawn Mendes is as dreamy as he looks – he certainly is.

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