Sharknado fans rejoice as Ian Ziering and Tara Reid return to for the fifth movie series installment.

For those who haven’t been closely paying attention there have been four Sharknado movies to date and now the fifth will deal with sharks falling from the skies in other parts of the world.

When Sharknado first debuted on Syfy back in 2013 it was so campy but so compelling that it attracted over 1.4 million viewers and most of its incredible success stemmed from social media and all the hilarious memes that were generated with viewers who couldn’t get enough.

The network wasted no time and churned out three more sequels but they never did capture its original success however they are hoping that both Ziering and Reid’s return in Sharknado 5 will generate some new found love for the movie series on social media.

Either way, Sharknado 5 will be dropping in on the rest of the world via the Syfy channel come sometime this summer, make sure to check your local listings for date and time.

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