Living in Sun City, I love the heat. I can't stand cold days. I dread them.

The only good thing about a cold day is soup. Chicken noodle soup, caldo de res and menudo are some of the best soups, in my opinion, to enjoy on these cold El Paso days.

Now, the cold does make me lazy so making the soup is not my favorite thing. I just want to sit on my couch, watch a good horror movie and have a bowl of soup magically appear in my hands.

While I still attempt to become a soup witch, I will have to settle for these broth bombs.

Oh yeah, broth bombs are real. You heard of hot cocoa bombs, michelada bombs and even tea bombs BUT these are incredibly helpful broth bombs.

As you can see, it seems people can make bombs out of anything. I am waiting for someone to make some hot sauce bombs, ice cream, soy sauce, and really, so many other things can be made into bombs. I just want them to be made locally, so I can easily get them when I am driving around El Paso. The opportunities are endless!

It is pretty obvious, El Pasoans could make these into magical flavors, so if you know anyone, send them my way!

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