A home in New Mexico looks ordinary from the outside but once you make it through the front doors, its interior is out of this world. The house is located in Albuquerque's Northeast Heights, against the base of the Sandia Mountains. Homeowner Marten Griego has spent the last 21 years adding to his home's interior, turning the house into an homage to another galaxy.

Marten Griego told KOB News talked about his home came to be, and it turns out he didn't even realize what he was creating:

"When I was building it I didn't even know what I was creating. When you are creative within yourself, you don't have any rules, you don't have any guidelines. All you have is, what am I going to do and as you do it, all of a sudden it’s like wow! I like that, it's really cool."

Griego said the home now feels like your "in the universe someplace on another asteroid." The unique look of the home began when he began painting the home and decided to put a spaceship mural in the home. From there, Griego began to add more space details including 3D murals, a metal wall, octagon-shaped windows, and even a dining room that makes you feel like your dining in the clouds.

While the home has an obvious space theme, the entire home is adorned with interesting and unique artwork. Griego's passion project is getting national attention for its unique look and realtor Jonathan Ortiz with Southwest Elite Realty says the home has already received plenty of interest. Ortiz said they've already received offers to buy the home turnkey.

See more stunning photos of the house below and see even more photos at the Southwest Elite Realty website.

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See This Out of This World Creative, Cosmic Home in New Mexico

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