I always thought, even working for McDonalds when I was 15, I knew the menu pretty well. Until I stumbled upon this today...

How about a McLand Sea and Aire burger? A Big Mac, Filet O'Fish and McChicken at the same time? Well they have. The McLand Sea and Air Burger uses meat from animals found on land, sea and air. All three patties are eaten on one bun. Yum!

That's #13 on the list...yes, there are twelve more.

#12.) Every McDonald's now offers a Grilled Cheese. Simply ask for one. The classic soft McDonald's bun is combined with gooey cheddar cheese. For those times when you're not craving meat but just want some good old fashioned comfort food.

#11.) To try a Poor Man's Big Mac, order a McDouble, but omit the pickles and ketchup. Instead, ask for special sauce, onion, and lettuce. You now have a mini Big Mac

#10.) For root beer floats, you can order root beer then ask for some vanilla ice cream to be added in for a classic treat. Coke tastes good with any ice cream. You can order any flavor you'd like with it. Yum!

#9.) Ask for a Neopolitan Milkshake and they'll blend together strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream!

#8.) Next time you're craving dessert, don't make the choice between two of your favorites. Have them both. Ask for the apple pie to be blended into your McFlurry. If you're lucky, the pie will be fresh and hot from the oven. The combination of hot and cold is too good to pass up.

#7.) The Shamrock Shake is a minty shake that's available in March. When you order, ask for your Shamrock Shake to be blended with a chocolate shake. Shamrock Shake + chocolate shake = McLeprechaun goodness!

#6.) The McGriddle is a popular breakfast sandwich. Instead of ordering sausage or chicken, order chicken on your sandwich. Then get ready. Cause you're about to bite into the best breakfast sandwich ever.

#5.) The Big McChicken is just your run-of-the-mill Big Mac with one little difference. There's no bread. Chicken patties take the place of the bun. A little much if you ask me.

#4.) This hack is fun because you get to do it yourself. Time your visit just right- around 10:35 is best- so that both breakfast and lunch items are available. Buy an Egg McMuffin and a McDouble. Take the patties and cheese from the McDouble and put it onto the McMuffin. Boom. You've got yourself a Mc10:35.

#3.) Order the McCrepe. The McCrepe uses a pancake as the base. It's made by filling the pancake with yogurt parfait.

#2.) Check out the Monster Mac. 3 buns, 8 patties. This is a must-try for a McLover. There are 8 hamburger patties in this huge burger. Heart attack city!

#1.) Everyone loves their McNuggets and fries with dipping sauce. Fan favorites include ketchup, mustard, barbecue, and sweet and sour. But did you know McDonald's has more dipping sauces? They also have Honey Mustard, Chipotle Barbecue, Tangy Barbecue, Spicy Buffalo, Sweet Chili, Hot Mustard and Creamy Ranch.

Now have a Mickey D's delightfull day!

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