Scenic Drive has been a popular place for El Pasoans to walk on the weekend. Now, it looks like you'll have to find somewhere else to exercise. Last weekend, there was some confusion for El Pasoans as to whether the public was allowed to enjoy Scenic Sundays. Every Sunday Scenic Drive closes to traffic in both directions to allow runners, bikers, skateboarders and more to enjoy the winding road and beautiful views of the Sun City. While typically there is a uniformed officer at the entrance, last weekend our coworker noticed there was no officer. There were plenty of people still using Scenic Drive to exercise which left many confused....

Is Scenic Drive closed to traffic still? Is it open? Can you still walk up Scenic Drive? Is any of this social distancing? Why can't people just isolate for 14 days and let us get this over with?

Thankfully City Representative Peter Svarzbein has cleared up some of this confusion. According to Rep. Svarzbein:

"Scenic Drive will NOT be closed to vehicular traffic and will be CLOSED for pedestrian traffic. Programming like and including scenic Sunday has been canceled by Mayor Dee Margo and County Judge Samaniego due to the emergency orders related to this public health emergency related to CVOID-19."

While many in the Next Door website were upset about the news, I think this is what is necessary. While many do enjoy using Scenic Drive as a recreational spot, the problem is too many people are using it and at the same time. It is nearly impossible to social distance when there are large groups of people still gathering and one of the most popular spots is Scenic Drive on the weekends. Because people can't follow directions, the city and the state are having to close these facilities to try and force people into cooperation. Is any of this ideal? No, and I think it is absolutely wonderful that so many people want to be out and active when the weather is so nice. But because of the pandemic the entire world is facing right now, it just isn't safe.

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