I don't know why this story freaks me out so much but it really does. 49-year-old Enrique Lucero, Junior and 48-year-old Guadalupe Caro were arrested Monday for allegedly kidnapping and holding a woman captive for five hours over the weekend. That is scary enough but what the Dona Ana County Sheriffs Office said about the incident is the scarier part. The DASO says that Lucero and Caro were working for a Mexican cartel and that the kidnapping was "part of a much larger operation." Yikes.

The unidentified woman was taken reportedly around 4 o'clock Sunday morning from a home on Union Street in Mesilla Valley. She was then brought to the El Paso area and held in a separate house where she was able to get free and get help from the El Paso Police Department. She was returned unharmed to the Dona Ana County Sheriffs Office. She was able to give details to law enforcement about Lucero and Caro.

I looked online for tips on how to stay safe in the case of an attempted kidnapping but there aren't many tips for women out there, oddly enough. I did come up with a few from about 4 different articles:

1. Don't just scream, say something - If you are screaming people might think that you are just having an argument with someone and not intervene. You need to yell what is happening. "I'm being kidnapped!" "I don't know this person!" "I'm in danger!"

The portrait of young woman with shocked facial expression

2. Don't open your door late at night - You're safer inside than you are outside. If you think something suspicious is going on, call the police.

Close-up door stainless door knob, with door open slightly

3. Don't stop fighting - Do everything you can to keep from being put in a car or a building. Once you're in there you can't be heard or seen. Getting hurt from fighting is better than disappearing and no one knowing what ever became of you.

young fit woman fighting a man

It sounds a little over the top, but a woman was kidnapped. You don't want to be her.

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