There is a ton of buzz over the visit to Juarez by Pope Francis next month, but all that buzz brings with it people trying to make a fast buck. Communications Director for the Diocese of El Paso Elizabeth O’Hara says they are getting word that there is scam going around about tickets for sale for the Papal Mass. O'Hara says the tickets for the mass are not for sale.

The Diocese of Juarez will be giving tickets to the Diocese of El Paso, but it isn't known how many, or when the tickets will become available. What is known is that the tickets will be distributed to the parishes in El Paso, but don't believe anyone who says they already have tickets or that you can buy them, because that it a complete lie.

There will be a second collection at El Paso Masses this weekend to help the Diocese of Juarez offset some of their costs surrounding the Papal visit. If you don't plan on going to mass this weekend, you heathen, you can go to to donate.

If you have any questions about the Papal visit, or tickets to the mass, you can contact the Diocese of El Paso at 872-8412.

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