Let spooky season commence! It's officially spooky season in my book as the first full official day of Fall has finally come! Why not begin the frights with some haunted places?

We all know that the Borderland is no stranger to the common ghost story. Almost everyone knows someone who has a ghost story or two relating to a place in El Paso. And just because a certain location is a place of worship doesn't mean it's safe from the spirits of the unknown!

Case in point- this church on the Westside that was the subject of what some may think to be some paranormal activity. Check out the video below that was captured by Reddit user @Jjcastas on the r/Weird subreddit:

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Satan is that you? I think we're going to need an old priest and a young priest! The power of Christ compels you!

This is Christ the King Presbyterian church on Resler. With no one in sight, and the lights looking like they're going in a pattern- I need someone to put the "Exorcist" theme to this video!

Okay, so it's possible that it's just a system error, or someone testing out the lights. It's highly possible that  someone was there and just testing the lights. I highly possible that this isn't the subject of paranormal activity; but isn't it fun to imagine?

Whatever the situation was at Christ the King church, I think it's safe to say that if I saw this happening at night, I would either begin praying an "Our Father" or I'd just turn the other way and get the heck out of there- I wouldn't care if it was just a light test! What would you do in this situation? Would you be brave enough to stay and record it like this Reddit user did? But seriously, can someone edit this to the tune of "Tubular Bells" from "The Exorcist"?!

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