Stop me if you've heard this before; there's another delay in the San Jacinto Plaza renovation project. This time it has to do with the specialized cables that will be used to hoist and suspend the 40-ton shade canopy that will cover the “Los Lagartos” sculpture.

According to published reports, one of the cables turned out to be damaged and had to be returned. The replacement cable will reportedly take about six weeks to manufacture and ship from Germany. Per Monica Lombraña, Director of Capital Improvement, all 36 cables "have to be installed at the same time," which means projects dependent on the canopy's installation -- such as landscaping and positioning the recently restored alligator statue -- have to be put on hold too.

A little over a month ago, City Attorney Sylvia Borunda Firth announced the plaza would reopen as soon as this fall. Lombraña was not as optimistic. "The holidays," is what she told city council Tuesday. Barring another major setback, the hope now is that the redo will be done just in time for the Downtown tree lighting ceremony. As this point, only the game tablespedestrian bridges, and the splash pad are good to go.