While trying to plan for a bridal shower parade, along with a small backyard wedding I keep getting distracted by Halloween decorations and limited edition snacks.

I have tried to shop online but I still don't feel completely satisfied with buying things online. I know, shocking to hear from a millennial. I love to touch and feel items I will forever own, but during these COVID-19 times, touching can be dangerous.

While I have been using pickup options from big stores, I know a few local stores I am still trying to support during the pandemic. Don't worry I wear a mask each time I go out while bringing along my hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes.

What is really cool is Halloween decorations are already popping up in stores, so I am trying to control myself from spending all my wedding money on those. Back when the quarantine started, one of my first purchases was a black Christmas tree.

In my defense, I also just bought a home right at the start of quarantine, so I really need everything for this new chapter in my life.

The problem is Halloween decor is already out and I have no self-control. Plus, I am someone who makes Halloween decor everyday home decor.

What I don't need, is all these things you are about to scroll through but I now proudly own.

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