Word on the street is an indoor skydiving company with world-wide locations is exploring the possibility of building one of its facilities in El Paso.

The company is named iFLY, and according to Ford Wadsworth who writes the El Paso-centric "Whispers" column for El Paso Inc., rumor is it's looking at building "a location near Topgolf" in the Montecillo community in west El Paso.

Per its website, iFLY developed technology that simulates the free fall conditions of skydiving in an indoor flight chamber. Any would-be skydivers who haven't quite worked up the courage to jump out of an airplane could instead opt for this "incredibly realistic" closer to the ground alternative.


I've reached out to both city and Montecillo officials to find out just how serious a rumor this is. I'll give you an update if and when they get back to me.

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