Rolling Stone Magazine has named the Top 5 Worst Songs from the 80’s!

In a recent poll by the music magazine they have named the top 5 songs that basically sucked from the 80’s!

I must say as a fan of music as all of you are – I don’t necessarily agree…But you can be the judge of that!

#5: Men Without Hats by The Safety Dance (Any retro dance party this comes on over the speakers you are guaranteed everyone is moving on the dance floor!)


#4: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham (Come on neon paint and short shorts, this was the 80’s my friends!)

#3: Lady In Red by Chris De Burgh (My Mother LOVES this song)

#2: The Final Countdown by Europe (It was so bad that it sold over 1 million copies…hmmm doesn’t add up!)

#1: We Built This City by Starship (Hi, my name is Monika and I love this song!)



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