Sometimes college isn't the right thing for everyone. Sometimes learning technology that will make a person employable in the future is the way to go. Students at Riverside High School are doing just that and learning how to work on technology that might make the Earth a little greener.

Riverside High School is the only public high school to offer solar electric certification, and students who successfully complete the course will be qualified to work in the solar industry right out of high school.

Riverside's principal says in addition to the solar electric certification, students will also get their high school diploma which will let them step "into the workforce as skilled practicioners of skilled technologies."

The 30 students enrolled in the program will learn how to install and repair technology panels and work with electricity. It's good to see that our high schools are giving students the chance to find a way to make a living in industries of the future that will also benefit the planet.

Way to go Riverside!

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