El Paso's median, household income isn't even clooooose to what these peeps are pulling in.

247wallst.com recently released their list of the richest city in each of the 50 United States.

The big kahuna in Texas is a place I've, honestly, ... despite having lived in Houston at one point ... never even heard of.

I feel like my credit score would go up if I just drove by this place.

5 Million Dollars In Cash Displayed At Seminole Hard Rock Casino
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Hunters Creek Village, Texas, is located near Houston. While the community doesn't have many residents, the ones they do have sure seem to be holding most of the money.

According to their website, Hunters Creek, Texas was incorporated in 1954 and is a "vibrant community of 4,400 people living in approximately 1,460 homes. Within its 2 square miles are 22 miles of streets and 6.33 miles of hiking and biking paths".

Seems pretty nice, huh?  Here are the facts that scored them the number 1 spot as far as being the wealthiest city in Texas.

The average household in Hunters Creek brings in $477,852 annually, (the average for the state of Texas is $94,115), 83.1% of Hunters Creek residents have at least a bachelors degree, (31.5% statewide) and the median home value there is $1,846,200.

For Texas overall, it's $202,600.

As far as El Paso's nearest neighbors go, 247wallst.com says all the rich folks in New Mexico call Las Campanas, in the Santa Fe area, home.

The high and mighty in Arizona are all hanging their hats in Paradise Valley, just outside Phoenix.

Paradise Valley is also the most expensive city in Arizona.

Don't think I'll be moving to any of these places anytime soon.

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