Lifestyles of the rich and the famous aren't just lyrics in a boy band. Nope, they are hidden throughout cities across the Lone Star state. When you think of Texas you might picture cowboy boots and BBQ, but it's much more than that. 

Texas may come across as a rough and tough state but you'd be surprised how many high-class and luxurious amenities are sprinkled throughout this state. Lawn Starter ranked the most glamorous cities in the entire U.S. and plenty of Texas cities made the cut.

Cities were ranked based on 6 main categories:

  • Status and Wealth
    • This includes # of million-dollar homes, private schools, luxury car dealerships, etc.
  • Clubs
    • This includes country clubs, yacht clubs, equestrian clubs, etc.
  • Fine Dining
    • This includes the number of Michelin-Starred restaurants, restaurants featured in the NY Times Top 50 list, etc. 
  • Beauty
    • This includes the number of plastic surgeons in the area and the amount of spa & wellness centers.
  • Fashion
    • This includes the # of Fashion week events, # of fashion stores, jewelry stores, etc.
  • Entertainment
    • This includes spots like art galleries, theatres, 5-star hotels, cigar bars, etc.

Check out the Top 10 most glamorous cities in the Lone Star State, do any surprise you?

10. Irving 

9. McKinney 

8. Carrollton 

7. Plano 

6. Frisco 

5. Fort Worth 

4. San Antonio 

I mean one word: Riverwalk. That's a pretty grand place to find yourself, so it's not shocking to see San Antonio in the Top 5.

3. Austin 

A little California in Texas. This city is growing and growing quick. I would've been surprised to NOT see it in the top 3.

2. Dallas 

1. Houston

With the number of glamorous stores, plastic surgeons, and entertainment options, it should be no surprise to see Houston as the most glamorous city in Texas.

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