Friend of Mike and Tricia Mornings, Henry Flores, and his group the Paso del Norte Paranormal Society, have been renovating a real Old West saloon in downtown El Paso in hopes of preventing it from being another historic building lost forever.

Henry and the PDNPS have been leading ghost tours around downtown El Paso for almost ten years, and two years ago, they moved into the building that began life as the Wigwam Saloon in the 1880s. El Paso's most famous architecture firm, Trost & Trost, was hired to remodel the building in 1912. It became the Wigwam theater and had ornate tiles and stone work. Its name was changed to the State Theater some time later and finally closed in the mid-70s. Various retail shops also occupied the space, and now the Paranormal Society is trying to restore as much as they can and open it as the Wigwam Museum.

Henry says when gunslinger John Wesley Hardin's office and the adjacent First National Bank were lost to fire in 2012, it made him realize that he didn't want another downtown El Paso treasure to be lost.

Henry and his group hope to open the Wigwam Museum soon, but they need your help. Contact Henry Flores at the Paso del Norte Paranormal Society for more information on how you can help reopen the Wigwam in downtown El Paso and help save a piece of our city's history.