As you know, last night, we lost a 130 year old, historic downtown El Paso building that once housed the law offices of famed gunslinger John Wesley Hardin.  Tomorrow afternoon, there will be a march to commemorate that loss, and hopefully a drive to keep such a thing from happening again.

A group called Remember Downtown is going to hold a walk and rally because we can't lose another historical building!  Check out their Facebook site here, and read the text of there press release below.  Hope to see everyone there!
Remember Downtown?  Downtown El Paso was once an international destination place.  Prominent historical figures walked busy streets lined with architectural masterpieces.
On Thursday, April 19, 2012, one of those historical landmarks at 100 E. San Antonio burned to the ground in only four hours - destroying over 130 years of history.
This can't happen again!
The First National Bank/John Wesley Hardin Building was just one of Downtown El Paso's treasures.  Now, it's gone, and other significant buildings remain in danger.
Join us in rememberance of what we have lost as a community and to support saving what we have left.
A rally will start at 5pm in San Jacinto Plaza and then proceed on a walk through Downtown El Paso to bring awareness to the 9 remaining buildings of the 10 Most Endangered Sites in El Paso's Downtown Historic District, ending up at 100 E. San Antonio (#9 on the list).
Please wear white to show our hope of saving Downtown and bring a flashlight to shine light on the potential that has been overlooked by the owners of these properties.
Let us Remember Downtown!

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