Living in the borderland means there is nothing wrong with celebrating Cinco de Mayo. If you need a refresher well today focuses on commemorating the Mexican Army's victory over the French Empire on this day in 1862. A lot seem to forget the main reason we celebrate and also use it as an excuse to bust out the tequila.

I remember how Union Plaza was always so busy with traffic and crowds on special occasions like Cinco de Mayo. Well, we also knew what came with partying downtown around Union Plaza, brawls. There was never really a time you wouldn't come across a fight going down on the street or coming out of a nightclub.

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Jsns NdnDerry YouTube channel will take you back to the old days when Black Pearl still existed then. Their video above shows a brawl going on outside of Black Pearl, a nightclub downtown on Cinco de Mayo. Today is Cinco de Mayo which usually brings trouble to those who don't drink much and use today as an excuse to drink like a borracho.

There is an El Pasoan out there who can recall the brawl (above) and associate it with the Cinco de Mayo. It is unsure why the people fighting in the brawl got into the fight, to begin with. But being near brawls like that is never fun because sometimes the attackers don't care if someone innocent goes down. But it's a good sign no crazy fights have been happening at bars or clubs as much as before. If you do miss watching that kind of local drama-action then just check out the clip of a brawl from Cinco de Mayo.

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