The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all very aware of each others vapors and droplets. We learned how important it is to mask up to keep the moisture we breathe out from reaching others around us and that being outside where there is fresh, circulating air is the best way to interact with one another, but what about when we are inside?

It turns out that there are air purifiers that can help sanitize the air we breathe inside, but they can run into some money, and they are most needed in public spaces like restaurants, bars, and schools. That's where Helen of Troy comes in. El Paso is the U.S. headquarters of Helen of Troy. They are located on the far west side of town and they have donated 50 Honeywell HEPA Certified air purifiers to the Canutillo Independent School District.

Helen of Troy

The air purifiers have been set up in classrooms and will help provide cleaner air for students as they begin getting back to in-classroom learning, something that as a parent I would be so glad to see in my child's classroom. Christopher Judge, principal of Canutillo STEAM Academy said of the donation by Helen of Troy to the Canutillo School District, "We are incredibly grateful for this generous donation to Canutillo STEAM Academy in the Canutillo Independent School District. We thank Helen of Troy for their continued support of our students, staff and the community.”

Helen of Troy

My family has used HEPA air purifiers in our homes for years because we all suffer so much from allergies. It's good to know that kids in classrooms will have the chance to have cleaner air while they work on getting back to a sense of normalcy, and it's good to see a major US corporation making El Paso it's home and our schools benefitting from them being here.

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