There are a few things men instantly gaze upon on a woman. And -- shocker! -- 'the girls' or your badunkadunk is not the first. At least not according to a new list on Yahoo of things men notice immediately about women when they first lay eyes on her. Here are five things that catch their attention almost immediately ... well, other than needle marks, "Property of"  tattoo's,  or court ordered monitoring devices:


#1.)  Her Face, Not Her Body.  Her body, believe it or not,  is the SECOND thing they notice.  The first thing they notice is your face. Then their eyes start drifting downward.

#2.)  How She’s Dressed.  Once you’ve been together a while, guys NEVER notice.  But a lot of men say that when they first meet a woman, they can tell a lot about her personality by looking at her outfit and how well put together she is.

#3.)  Is She Loud?  Guys said it’s a turnoff when a woman is too loud for the specific situation they’re in:  For example, you’re with a group of friends and she keeps talking over them, or talks much LOUDER than anyone else. Being too loud may come off as you not having any decorum or being too aggressive.

#4.)  Is She Hanging Out with Girls or Guys?  If most of your friends are guys other men assume one of them is your boyfriend. 

#5.)  If She’s Wearing Glasses.  Men tend to think that if you wear glasses it means you’re probably not a party animal, and might even be a little nerdy. That being said, a lot of guys PREFER women with glasses.

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