If you care what other women think about you, then your priority should be your waistline -- because according to a recent study, the majority of the women surveyed admitted to reaching an opinion on another woman in a matter of seconds based on their appearance.

Specifically, the #1 thing most women said they first looked at when sizing up another woman was the size of the woman’s waist. 54 per cent said they check out how thick you are the minute they lay eyes on you.

That was followed closely by 45 per cent who said the first thing they checked out was whether a woman was wearing too much make-up. Here are the Top 10 things women first look at when sizing up another woman, in order:

-- How fat the other woman is
-- Whether she is wearing too much make up
-- How she has her hair styled
-- Her smile
-- Skin and spots
-- How tall she is
-- If she has noticeable hair roots
-- The fake tan
-- Her shoes
-- How big her boobs are

Ladies, what do you notice first about other women? Let your claws out in the "leave a comment" box below.

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