'Tis the season for friends and family dropping in for the holidays, and one Reddit user is asking which are the best touristy restaurants to visit while in El Paso.

Fran Soza via Unsplash
Fran Soza via Unsplash

We've all been there when relatives and friends roll into town for the holidays, and they want to get the full El Paso experience, and sometimes that means hitting up the touristy spots.

A recent post on Reddit by u/MinimumSouthern asked which Mexican restaurant with a "touristy vibe" was best to take his/her friends coming in from Chicago.


Reddit users wasted no time chiming in to share their opinions on the best touristy spots in town.

Suggestions included:

  • Andale
  • Ay Cocula
  • El Cometa
  • Carlos & Mickey's
  • L&J Cafe
  • Los Jarrones off Redd Rd.
  • Kiki's
  • Toro Bronco
  • Morra Mia
  • Tacos Chinampa
  • Los Collegas
  • La Gorda
  • La Pila
  • El Ataron
  • El Sarape
  • The Lunch Box
  • Julio's Mexican Food
  • Forti's Mexican Elder Restaurant
  • Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant & Bar
  • Cattleman's
  • El Taquito

That's quite a list, and while some may or may not give off the touristy vibe, they all no doubt serve up some delish eats.

Marcos Rey

Personally, if my friends were coming in from out of town who'd never been to El Paso, I would take them to Jalisco Cafe in Segundo Barrio, The Tap, or Rosa's Cantina, where you can choose from a Marty Robbins & Feleena themed menu. Perhaps even Chih'ua Restaurant & Bar off Gateway West or take my visitors to Elemi or Taft Diaz in downtown El Paso for a bite of the uncommon.

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There is no shortage of Mexican restaurants in El Paso, but my suggestion to Reddit u/MinimumSouthern is to consider finding the best spot in town based on the food and not be distracted by the touristy flare. After all, El Paso is the best place to score delish Mexican cuisine anywhere on this side of the border, no matter the decor.

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