It is difficult to understand why a bunch of tourists would take a baby dolphin out of it’s element to uncaringly take selfies in vain.

This is what happened at Santa Teresita beach in Buenos Aires where a man is seen taking a baby dolphin out of the water and placing it on the beach where a crowd starts to gather and soon after everyone starts to take selfies with the animal. The worst part is that the poor baby dolphin dies and they still continue to take pictures with it. Even though in the actual video you could hear a woman say over and over again, “We need to return him to the water” nobody does so, and once the commotion of taking their selfies is over, the tourists just leave the dead baby dolphin on the beach without a second thought to their atrocious actions.
This particular type of dolphin is known as a Franciscana dolphin which is listed as a ‘vulnerable’ species as there are just 30,000 left on the planet and are only found in the southeastern parts of South America.

This horrifying act is sadly just one example of humanity at its worst.

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