If you've ever been in labor, you know it's no laughing matter. And usually, unless you're a Kardashian in full makeup, its not a moment you want to have pictures taken of you. The screaming, the crying, the breathing, the pushing - ain't nobody got time for that!

A couple of El Paso sisters are changing all that. El Paso photographer Kat Armendariz was hanging out with her sister, Kimberly Ramirez as she was in labor at The Hospitals of Providence East Campus late last month. Kat decided that a selfie was in order and she snapped the hilarious picture of her sister in the midst of what must have been a whale of a contraction while she was smiling serenely into the camera lens on her phone. Kat probably thought that her sister would want a photograph that would capture the day, because, after all, what are sisters for?

Kat posted the pic and everyone from Cosmo to Inside Edition have run with it. It really does capture exactly what labor and delivery are all about. The mom-to-be suffering through the crazy pain of childbirth while everyone else stands around and waits for the little bundle of joy.

The work and pain was all worth it. Kimberly had a little boy and now, Kat can take tons of pics of her nephew. Kat doesn't just do selfies with her sister writhing in pain behind her. She takes some pretty amazing photographs. You can check them out on her Facebook page, Kattegory Photography.

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