An El Paso couple got the scare of their lifetime a couple of weeks ago when they got a knife pulled on them in a parking lot while trying to sell a puppy to some guy.

The incident happened in the parking lot of the Arby's on Montana in central El Paso. The couple had put up a French bulldog puppy for sale on Craigslist. When they got to the parking lot, the guy they met there asked to see the puppy and when they asked to see the money, he pulled a knife.

Unfortunately, the suspect was able to get away with the puppy, but he tried to rob the couple of their vehicle. The driver, however, accelerated and was able to flee the scene before getting their vehicle stolen. The puppy thief is described as a 25 - 30 year old Hispanic male with a thin build, with trimmed or shaved eyebrows. He was wearing a baseball cap, a black jacket and denim jeans.

So, you know, pretty much any guy in El Paso.

The El Paso Police Department says they investigate this type of crime all the time and that if you are planning on selling something or buying something from someone online, you should follow these tips:

1. Don't meet in a parking lot - It's just too easy for someone to rob you in a parking lot. They might bring someone in a different car with you or just pull a weapon on you and take your stuff. So what should you do?

2. Go to a police substation - The EPPD says you can always meet in the lobby of their substations to exchange money and the item.

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