It shouldn't come as a surprise to you about El Paso having some creative comedians who grab your attention. We have seen all sorts of El Pasoans who have to improvise in some strange ways. We've seen those improvisions done on The Real FitFam EP showing people who really stock up a pick-up truck with a ton of stuff in the bed that's piled up high.

Now those people who improvise managed to take their pile of things carefully to their next destination. But then you have those other people who put their brainiac skills to work for something that will grab your attention. An El Paso woman who wanted to spread the word about her yard sale definitely caught people's attention.

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Alma Mata took to Facebook's What'cha Got For Sale page and posted a clever picture that grabbed local's attention. She was pretty smart to use a hilarious yard sale sign you see above that definitely had our attention. After sharing her post about her yard sale she got plenty of feedback mostly about her choice of sign she had chosen to use.

But after deciding to use that hilarious yard sale sign it certainly did the trick and people wanted to know more. It was even more hilarious when some of the comments from a few people were asking her how much to buy the sign. She did mention to people that it wasn't her sign and it was a meme she had found online. Either way, her making the decision to use that meme worked wonders that even left some people wanting to just go to see a hilarious yard sale sign. This is a helpful tip that you can take for a future yard sale you decide to have.

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