El Paso Police have a lot on their hands right now. They are working with other law enforcement agencies in their investigation into the terrorist attack on Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall, they are dealing with the start of school all over town and making sure kids are safe not only in school but in school zones as well, and this weekend, they got a call about a man with a weapon near the airport. The problem is, there wasn't really a gun.

We are all on edge since August 3, 2019 when a man walked into the east side Walmart and killed 22 people. El Pasoans are trying to figure out how to go about their daily business while still worrying that there might be another attack. This afternoon, officers were dispatched to the El Paso Airport on calls of a man with a shotgun.

Officers got to the scene quickly and found the person matching the armed man's description into custody after they found him in a vehicle in the parking lot of an Applebee's. Officers didn't find a gun after searching the man's vehicle. It turns out the man and his girlfriend were arguing and somehow that ended up being reported as a man with a gun to 9-1-1. The man and the woman were released, but the call did prompt a short shutdown of the airport.

If you would like to have official tweets from the Police Department, you can follow them by clicking here.

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