El Paso and Fort Bliss got some exciting news today - The President of the United States is coming back to the Borderland.


It was 2 years ago that he touched down in Air Force One and spent part of the afternoon of August 31st with troops on the day that marked the end of combat operations in Iraq.  He thanked the troops for their service and sacrifice in that country - many of those troops had just returned from a deployment.




When he comes back to Fort Bliss on Friday, he will find a post that has seen much sadness in the recent past.

When he was here two years ago, President Obama said there was still a long, hard fight ahead in Afghanistan.  His words were tragically true - The Bulldog Brigade lost 12 soldiers in it's most recent deployment to Afghanistan - six of those killed in a single roadside bombing in July.

Four thousand 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division personnel will be heading to Afghanistan later this year in a scheduled rotation, leaving behind family members, friends, and a city and post holding it's breath until they all return safely.

Fort Bliss commander, Major General Dana Pittard confirmed to El Paso Mayor John Cook that the President will be here on Friday, but no other details are known about his visit.  We'll keep you posted.

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