Ever wondered what some of your favorite one-hit wonders from the 2000s look like now? Well, we have the photos for you to see!

The early 2000s were full of amazing pop songs, and some of the prettiest teen singers with sweet dance moves. Here is a few of our favorite girls from this awesome decade, and what they look like now.

Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Imbruglia stormed onto the scene in 1997 with her hit song "Torn," which is actually a cover of a song by the band Ednaswap. The song blew up all over TV and radio, and I was one of those girls who ran out to buy her album. That album was so influential on my childhood, especially the her song "Smoke." Her voice mixed in with the music was so haunting to me I played it on repeat all day.

Natalie Then:
Natalie Now:

Natalie Imbruglia has a new album coming out, "Male." The songs are a compilation of songs written and performed by male artists, covered by Imbruglia. The album is set to be released July 31st, but her single "Instant Crush," a cover of the Daft Punk song is available now. Just to mention, this woman doesn't age. She's still as gorgeous now as she was the first time we saw her. Amazing.

Brooke Valentine

Brook Valentine had a hit with her feisty song "Girlfight." Mixing some tough girl lyrics in with Lil Jon crunk and Big Boi raps this song was made to be an anthem. This was the song the no BS girl in school used to crank up right before she needed to stand up for what she believed in.

Brooke Then:
Brooke Now:

Brooke is now 30-years-old, and a mother to a special needs son. When he was born, she actually took time from her career to make sure he got the care he needed. Now, it seems the strong, independent woman from that song used those skills to take care of her child. In the past few years she got back into the music industry, from writing songs to recording her own music again.

Aly & AJ Michalka

Aly and AJ are sisters that got their start from the Disney Channel, like many young pop stars in the early 2000s. The sister got their start in the business by both modeling, but sister Aly is known most for her role in Disney Channel's Phil of the Future and the indie film Easy A, alongside Emma Stone. The girls began their singing career as a duo, and released "Potential Breakup Song" in 2007.

Aly & AJ Then:
Aly & AJ Now:

The sister still perform as a group, but now under the name of 78Violet. They are also acting, Aly in the new CW show iZombie and AJ in ABC's The Goldberg's and the new film Grace Unplugged. 


From the moment you hear her name, you start craving a milkshake. True, Kelis did have international success with her debut album Kaleidoscope but nowhere near the popularity of her smash hit "Milkshake." She's sold six million records worldwide and collaborated with some of the top names in music, but its difficult to not think of the singer and immediately think of "Milkshake." The song transcended across pop and hip hop stations, and will forever be known for the use in the movie Mean Girls. You know, the scene where Regina's little sister is shaking her hips and wiggling a little too provocatively in the mirror. It will forever haunt my dreams.

Kelis Then:
Kelis Now:

Kelis is actually a certified chef, having graduated from the Le Cordon Blue culinary institute in 2008. She has her own cooking website where she gives out recipes and sells her own line of sauces, Bounty and Full. She's married and has one son with her former husband, rapper Nas.

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