As we prepare for multiple holiday parades in El Paso, Texas, I wanted to remind everyone about an issue that has gone on for years.

Throwing candy in a parade.

The problem I have seen over the years is the power and technique of throwing candy from a vehicle. I understand it does depend on what float you are on, or the type of car you are riding in.

As someone who has experience riding on a trailer with plenty of arm space to put some power in a throw, I recommend this be the way to go about throwing candy safely. When I had to do it from a GTO, the space was so small for my arm to get a good throw-in.

I bring up the power behind a good candy throw because I witnessed so many children run towards moving vehicles in parades for years now. As I mentioned in another article about a crazy-looking wildcat, I recently attended a homecoming parade in Fabens, Texas. I had my nephew with me, who wasn't really into chasing candy, but hundreds of other kids lineup around the route were.

Emily Slape
Emily Slape

The problem is kids are quick and want candy no matter what. I have had multiple scares watching kids run into the street towards candy. The candy is even sometimes under cars in the parade route, so when the car stops, kids try to crawl to get those and it is incredibly dangerous.

So please, if you are participating in a parade this year, including the 36th Annual Halloween parade, put some power behind your candy. Make sure to throw it far enough away from the vehicle you are in.

This will help ease the many people who are panicking watching children run towards cars, instead of just enjoying the parade.

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