Watch the video that captures an audience at the Plaza Classic Film Festival call out to actor F. Murray Abraham to come back home.

On Tuesday last week (August 7, 2018) the audience was led by Doug Pullen (Program Director Of the El Paso Community Foundation) to help send a message to actor F. Murray Abraham to come home during the screening of the 1984 directors cut of the film Amadeus. Abraham won the Oscar for the convincing role as Antonio Salieri in the drama film beating out Tom Hulce whose portrayal of Mozart was equally brilliant.

F. Murray Abraham was raised in El Paso where he attended Vilas Elementary School, El Paso High School and then Texas Western College, now UTEP. The actor then went on to New York City to pursue his dream of acting.

At Tuesday’s screening of the drama film Amadeus, the audience recorded a small clip asking for the actor to come home, all this in an attempt to get him to be a guest at next year’s Plaza Classic Film Festival. So if you know F. Murray Abraham please let him know that El Paso misses him and we would love to see him be part of the festival next year.

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