Soccer fanatics may just take a road trip to Dallas just to play some soccer. The so-called Topgolf of soccer will be making its way to Dallas, Texas next year.

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A UK Soccer experience TOCA Social will be heading to the states in 2023 and here in Texas. So if you've been to Topgolf then that can give you a relative idea of what to expect from TOCA Social.

Except instead of playing golf you're playing soccer indoors surrounded by a vibing atmosphere. After watching TOCA Social's YouTube video of a drone flythrough (below) you may even compare it to Dave & Buster's facility.

Texas is pretty lucky for scoring the first location of TOCA Social in the United States. Hence, why I said soccer fanatics would travel to Dallas just to experience the Topgolf of soccer.

It is said that the facility will be three stories and take up about 56,000 square feet of space. The new soccer facility will have 4 bars that will include food service and 34 pods to play soccer.

The new facility can help you practice your soccer moves and improve your aim. We can only hope and wish they will plan to build a TOCA Social in El Paso, Texas someday.

But for now, soccer fanatics must travel to Dallas to check out the new entertaining facility. The new location in Dallas will be located at 1313 Riverfront Boulevard should you choose to take a road trip when it eventually opens. Families in El Paso would definitely appreciate a spot like this in the borderland.

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