Happy birth day to El Paso’s first babies of 2023.

Two Sun City families rang in the new year welcoming new additions to their fold.

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The first bundle of joy of the New Year was born at University Medical Center. This year that distinction belongs to Emma Sarai Martinez Espinoza.

According to a post on the hospital's Facebook, Emma Sarai made her grand entrance “at 2:44 a.m., tipping the scales at 7 pounds, 2 ounces.”

Approximately three hours later at The Hospitals of Providence, baby Ashton arrived -- all 6 lbs. 10 ounces of him. This is boy #2 for mom Karen Vasquez who said she can't wait to introduce Ashton to his older brother.

First Baby of 2023 – University Medical Center

University Medical Center of El Paso Facebook
University Medical Center of El Paso Facebook

In the early hours of New Year's Morning 2023, University Medical Center of El Paso proudly welcomed its first baby of 2023, Emma Sarai Martinez Espinoza. Emma was born at 2:44 a.m., tipping the scales at 7 pounds, 2 ounces.

Emma's mother, Maria Abigail Espinoza Villalba, and father, Cesar Uriel Martinez Alarcon, are enjoying their first day with their new daughter…Welcome, Emma!

First Baby of 2023 - Hospitals of Providence

The Hospitals of Providence Facebook
The Hospitals of Providence Facebook

Welcome to...our first precious baby of 2023, sweet baby Ashton. Making his surprise debut bright and early…at 5:47am and weighing in at 6lbs 10oz

Welcome to the world, little ones. And congratulations moms and dads on the births of your sweet, adorable, poop machines. You have my deepest sympathy for the imminent loss of sleep and free time.

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