Pat Robertson, conservative religious dude, was asked by a wife whose husband had cheated on her, how to forgive him so they could move forward in their lives and marriage.  I don't know how he did it, but Pat managed to answer her question even though he lives in the Dark Ages.

Pat tells this woman to, oh well, I'll let him say it, because if I try to, I'll just throw up:

I cannot believe what an utter moron this guy is!  'Provide a home for you to live in'?  'Is he handsome'?  Seriously?  I just cannot believe this guy......

'Males have a tendency to wander a little bit'?

How about you tell the man "Women have a tendency to gather all your stuff and put it in your car and set it on fire if you 'wander a little bit'"?  Here's a little clip I wish someone would send Mr. Robertson, just so he knows that we live in the real world, not the delusional universe he does!!!!!