Congratulations West El Paso, you've slept your way to the top.

According to the hookup site Ashley Madison, residents of three west side neighborhoods are least faithful to their partners. The data, compiled from more than 47,000 “cheaters” registered on the site who call El Paso home, determined that the majority of users looking for sex outside their marriage live in Mission Hills, Rim Area, and Mountain Arroyos.

The Mountain Arroyos area, which sits close to the Coronado Country Club, topped the list at 9.3%. The neighborhood that includes the homes along Rim Road was a close second at 9.1%. Mission Hills, which butts up against the Rim Area, was third with 8.8%. Mission Hills also has the most men looking for mistresses, per the infidelity website.

The list was assembled by Ashley Madison and released late last year. It is not associated with the recent leak of Ashley Madison customer details. Below are El Paso’s "Top Cheating Neighborhoods."