The first official trailer for Overboard has arrived and it looks like its going to bring the LOLZ in Spring of 2018! The film is starring Anna Farris and Eva Longoria along with Eugenio Derbez. Think House Bunny and How To Be A Latin Lover! The film is centered around Anna Farris’ character being hired then fired by Eugenio Derbez’s character and Anna seeking revenge and attempting to retrieve money unpaid from her wealthy employer after he ends up dealing with amnesia. The story takes a wicked turn when Farris pretends to be Derbez’s wife and makes him believe he is poor where he is then tricked into working a few jobs to pay debts due to Ferris. He believes the story and even believes he has children with Farris but that’s as far as the trailer takes us! Both Anna Farris and Eugenio Derbez are famous for silly, comedic, ridiculously movie choices that are certain to have you slapping your knee! Check out the trailer for Overboard below:

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