If you listen to Mike and Tricia Mornings, you know that Mike thinks Ouija boards are toys, but I think they are doorways to HELL. I decided to do a bit of research on them and here's what I found out:

1. Table Tipping - In the 1800s, people used to do what is called 'table tipping' to communicate with the dead. People would sit around a table and put their fingertips on the top of the table and if it tipped, it was a sign that there were dead people in the room. That later turned into...

2. 'Talking Boards' - During and after the Civil War, people who lost loved ones in battle began using tiles or pieces of paper with letters on them to try and get messages from the beyond. People used a planchette similar to the one you find with ouija boards today.

3. Ouija Board name - When the board creators went to name the board, they asked it what its name was and it supposedly spelled out 'ouija'. They then asked it what that meant and it spelled out 'good luck'.

4. A movie is responsible for turning it into a portal to hell - It was all fun and games for Ouija boards until 'The Exorcist' came along and in one scene, it went from a toy to Satan's plaything. Churches denounced it, people burned them, and ever since then, they have been considered demonic. I have to agree with them. It may be a toy, but you are asking it to contact spirits and demons, and that gives it power to do so. Stay away from ouija boards!

Here is the scene from 'The Exorcist'. I won't watch it, but if you want to, click to start.

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