One of the more common sights of an El Paso Halloween is carsful of Juarenses coming over the border to trick-or-treat. While some people might grumble about giving out candy to kids who don't live in their neighborhoods, most of us just buy a couple of extra bag of candy and hope it makes it to the end of the night.

So why do Mexican families make the trek over the border for Halloween? This is our top five list:

5. It's only fair. They have to deal with Americans crossing the border for Spring Break.

courtesy: 1055018

4. Because Dia de los Muertos takes care of the treats for dead folks, but live ones like treats, too.

courtesy: Jorge Salgado

3. The whole family will pile into a car for a trip to Walmart. This is better!

courtesy: oneinchpunch

2. Mexicans don't celebrate Thanksgiving, and Christmas is still almost two months away.

courtesy: bbevren

1. Because happiness is a pillowcase full of free candy!

courtesy: Catherine Yeulet

Happy Halloween!