El Paso’s Operation H.O.P.E. is working with local funeral homes to offer services at a reduced cost during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Losing a loved one is extremely daunting enough without adding the coronavirus in the mix. In the wake of the pandemic, Operation H.O.P.E. is helping El Paso families who have lost a loved one to COVID 19 by easing the financial burden by offering services at a reduced cost.

These funeral assistance services have now been extended for families in Las Cruces as well.

A couple of weeks ago the non-profit organization, Operation H.O.P.E., teamed up with the following funeral homes including:

  • Socorro Funeral Home
  • Perches Funeral Home
  • Sunset Funeral Home
  • Mt. Carmel Funeral Home
  • La Paz Grahams Funeral Home in Las Cruces

With many services unable to host wakes and vigils, drive-by visitations have been taking place - while Perches Funeral Home has been providing funeral services via live online streaming.

For anyone who is facing a financial burden due to the coronavirus can call Operation H.O.P.E. directly at 915-590-0490 to make funeral arrangements.

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